Indoor Air Quality

Office spaces look apparently hygienic, but employees complain of itching & watering of eyes, attacks of sore throat, fever and worsening of asthma. Most often this is due to poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) which is a product of interaction between working employees & the efficiency of ventilation system. We monitor IAQ to avoid what is commonly called Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) by using highly advanced instruments to measure 7 key parameters...

  •  • Ambient temperature.
  •  • Relative Humidity.
  •  • Carbon Dioxide levels.
  •  • Oxygen saturation.
  •  • Carbon Monoxide levels.
  •  • Volatile Organic Compounds ( VOCs).
  •  • Respirable particulate matter.

Based on this evaluation, we identify areas within the building which have poor IAQ. We then analyse causes and provide

  •  a. Comprehensive advice on improving the quality IAQ
  •  b. Recommendations for further advanced tests like measurement of Bio-aerosols etc.
  •  c. Training to Facility Management Team.